Lubomir Krastev was born in 1983 in Rousse, Bulgaria. At 2008 he graduated with a masters degree in Graphic Arts at the Academy of Music Dance and Fine Arts, Plovdiv. Some of his solo participations include: 2016 The Industrial Temple, Night of Museums and Galleries, Plovdiv; 2013 Forcing the election, National Autumn Exhibitions Plovdiv; 2011 exhibition at Art Alley, Sofia.

Among his group participation can be mentioned: 2019 BACKGROUND: Young Artists from Plovdiv, curated by gallery Sariev Contemporary, Plovdiv; LISTE / Аrt fair — Basel Generation between Enthusiasm and Destruction, curated by Albena Mihaylova Manz; 2017 Tractatus Locus — The space in contemporary artwork, curated by Christina Schrei at the Bulgarian Cultural Institute — Wittgenstein House, Vienna; 2012 New Acquisitions 2010 - 2011, Sofia City Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria; The Fifth Beijing International Art Biennale; Fusion-International Contemporary Intaglio Print Invitation Exhibition, China etc.

In 2016 Krastev is a Beneficiary of the Support Program; to the Gaudenz B. Ruf Award. In 2010 and 2015 he is a visiting artist in the resident program of International Artist Village, Guanlan, China; 2012 he receives a prize for the National Allianz Competition, Plovdiv; 2009 was awarded at the National Competition for Young Artists, Critics, and Curators, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Lives and works in Plovdiv.

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© Lyubomir Krastev 2019
© Lyubomir Krastev 2019
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The Industrial temple
Specifics: The Industrial Temple is a multidisciplinary project with an experimental approach in mixing classic graphics (intaglio and etching techniques) with video and sound. Accents are its large scale 120/270 cm. and the creation of a specific environment for its perception. Physical materials: Etching print on paper and spray paint.

In my last project The Industrial Temple I explore the traces of human‘s intervention in the nature. Despite of its particular beauty, it depicts unease reality and dark detachment. The Industrial Temple is transfiguration of the contemporary post-apocalyptic society. 
Subject is focusing on the post-industrial archeology and the deprived society that we have created for ourselves. This project traces its beginning from the detachment of a realistic image and will explore a new interpretation of nature and its abstract essence. In The Industrial Temple the intention is combination of printmaking, video and sound techniques, in order to deepen the perception of tangible environment. Those media elements should evoke specific feeling from that hypothetical place, far from a direct recognition.
Video assistance: Valko & Ivan Chobanov‘s

Sound: Angel Simitchiev– Mytrip /